Green Friday, or another way of consuming…

Like last year, Nahua is committed and boycotting Black Friday for a more responsible consumption by supporting the Green Friday movement!
But why this choice?

At Nahua, we are very attached to our values in terms of ethics, fair production and against overproduction, the result of irrational and irresponsible consumption that is gradually destroying the resources of our planet.

In 2020, when we should be moving towards more thoughtful consumption, we have never produced so much and enriched the multinationals that we all know.
Black Friday is one of the symbols of this over-consumption, especially in the fashion industry (textiles, jewelry…). This industry (which accounts for about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions) is precisely the one that should mobilize the most to spread a strong message.
Instead, it is also the industry that is the one that offers its consumers and customers the most attractive promotions during this dark period …

We are talking about massive waste: while urban freight already accounts for more than 20% of traffic and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, it is now considered that one out of every four products is returned or exchanged during this period.
Not to mention the doubling of the number of kilometers carried out by delivery companies, it is also 30% of returned products that will be destroyed after reception (because the cost of repackaging, checking whether the product is still working or is in good condition, repairing it if not, putting it back online and sending it back would cost “too much” to the giants of online sales).

It’s time for all that to change, don’t you agree?

But what alternatives do we have?

The Green Friday collective has decided to act by reminding us that the act of buying is a strong choice, with concrete consequences on the environment when it is motivated by just and sustainable causes.

It’s about consuming less, but consuming better!
By this gesture, we regain control of our purchasing power by deciding to give our money back to small traders, local producers and French companies that do a great job and quality rather than to Amazon, Wish, Alibaba, H&M, ZARA and other chains that do not respect our values and make them manufacture at lower cost (and therefore of much lower quality).

The collective says YES to a choice of eco-responsible raw materials, YES to a fair salary for all, YES to a healthy and safe working environment.

"Because there is no small gesture when there are 7 billion people making them."

Together, let’s redefine the rules of the market and let’s re-function the local business!

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