Leather jewellery and its history in brief

In ancient Egypt and Rome, leather jewellery was mainly available to the rich, especially leather cuffs.

At that time, men’s cuffs had several functions, including combat, religious and ceremonial, but for women, the cuff was worn as an ornament, an accessory to show social class.

From the Renaissance onwards, a refinement of the tanning process led to leather accessories and finished products becoming luxury products reserved mainly for the nobility and the rich.

The combination of embroidery and leather

The NAHUA team has, from the beginning, worked on a new technique to combine leather and embroidery, the dream of the designer Isabelle was to create angel wings in embroidered leather.

After several attempts, the ANGEL theme was born: a clever mix of fine leather straps, silk thread and sequins in dreamy shapes.

This is the very first ANGY cuff in cream leather, which has established itself as a timeless piece of jewellery in the NAHUA collection and has since been available in various colours:

A pair of rock earrings will soon follow, using the same principle to dress each ear with an angel feather:

Then, quite naturally, the necklace is placed on the neckline:

The original chocker, the object of all envy, will also become a timeless part of the ANGEL collection. With its long, thin chains, it can be worn as a tie on the neckline:

Finally, to complete the outfit, the rock bag in suede and its leather application in the shape of angel wings:

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