The bracelet is one of the oldest pieces of jewellery in the world.

From time immemorial, men and women have worn it, ornamentally to indicate their wealth or social standing.

But today we are going to tell you about the bangle! ????

A bangle, also called a cuff depending on the civilization, is a rigid, ring-shaped piece of jewellery made of metal, which is worn on the wrist. The traditional bangle is a closed circular model, without a clasp, but nowadays open or openable models are very common. For a long time it was made of precious metal such as gold or silver, but nowadays it is made of more accessible materials, which allow a wide range of uses more accessible materials, which allow a great number of fantasies!

In the NAHUA collections, the bangle has a special place, it is made of brass covered with embroidery, which makes it an original jewel ✨

Let’s focus on the cuff type bangle:

Very wide rigid bracelet, full and open to pass the wrist.


1. Black velvet bangle with heart-shaped eye of the tiger stone:

2. Blue velvet bangle with a small embroidered bee with a lapis lazuli on its back.

The bangle in Egyptian culture :

Made of fabric, leather or metal, the cuff bracelet or bangle is a very old piece of jewellery that was already all the rage in ancient times. From Rome to Alexandria, via Greece, South America or Asia, this accessory has embellished the wrist or arm of a multitude of women over the centuries.

In Egypt, these ethnic jewels were for men and women, apart from their decorative properties they were an indicator of the wearer’s social class and had a symbolic dimension too.

Egyptian bangles were generally made of gold, brass, silver and stones. The Egyptians worked marvellously with the materials used to create jewellery, such as semi-precious stones, to which they gave a supernatural dimension:

–> Gold considered as the flesh of the gods

–> Lapis lazuli, the blue of which represented the hair of the gods

–> Cornelian as red as blood

Our KAHINA collection is inspired by this ancient jewellery.

Here is the KALISTE bangle with these stones set in silver plated brass, placed on their silver thread embroidery.

The Fine Bangle :

Over time, the bangle will come in all sizes, making it a delicate and fine piece of jewellery that brings an original touch to our outfits.

Paradoxically, it is more complicated to mount the embroidery of a fine NAHUA bangle on its brass base, our craftsmen have succeeded in this technical prowess and the original BRAHA bangle is the very example:

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