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Nikita ethnic bracelet | Turquoise

Ethnic bracelet made with shades of turquoise silk thread, stainless steel brass beads and tri-cuts.

What you have to know…

• Hand embroidered

• Silk thread and leather

• Closing with double sizing (small wrists)

• Brass beads

• leather lining 

• Stainless steel and anti allergenic closing


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Taking care of your NAHUA jewels


All our products are handmade, with silk thread, leather, sequins and more (beads and semi precious stones). It is necessary to avoid any contact with water (salted or chlorinated), detergents, as well as oils and cosmetic products, alcohol, chemicals and acid products.

All our bracelets have double sizing. For thin wrists, just push the loop behind the small brass ball. For bigger wrists, pull the loop around the T bar engraved « Nahua». DO NOT REMOVE THE BRASS BALL. Any returned product without the brass ball will be considered as damaged and won’t be refunded.

Weight25 g